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  • Erna van der Werff

Meet our Partners- Comune di Capannori

The Municipality of Capannori is a public body that delivers services to its local community, consisting of over 46 thousand inhabitants, and develops projects and initiatives with the aim of improving the welfare of its citizens. In the educational field, the municipality supports children and young people education, funding both educational projects in schools (workshops, school gardens, etc. ..), and a service of individual tutorship to students. In the field of economic development, the Municipality promotes self-entrepreneurship, particularly through direct economic support for business creation, and through coaching services, which are carried out within the Parco Scientifico, which also functions as an incubator. Finally, the municipality is active in promoting youth leadership through voluntary civil service and internships within the municipal services, and in promoting creativity in a youth center, that includes rooms for music bands, and a library where to study and organize events. For more information please visit:

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