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  • Erna van der Werff

Gig Event in Leeuwarden!

Last Friday (11 March 2022) was an exciting day in Leeuwarden. Freelancers, students, teachers and policymakers came together to discuss the gig economy. Guest speaker Frank Alfrink, Chairman of ZZP Netherlands, discussed his thoughts about policy and education for students who aspire to be entrepreneurs and freelancers. While being self-employed it is important to know about the taxes and legal consequences.

Gigger Daniel Tuem, originally from Eritrea, has been building his own brand in the Netherlands. During the event he confirmed what Mr. Alfrink had said and explained how he had to learn a lot about the rules for freelancers in the Netherlands. Despite the challenges he is excited to use his creativity in his work.

Next, event participants had time to brainstorm and do a SWOT analysis of the gig economy. They seemed to have learned a lot about the challenges and opportunities involved in gig work. Some expressed their own ambitions to become giggers in the future.

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