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  • Erna van der Werff

The GIG Economy and labour market changes

The rise of the GIG and sharing economies has fundamentally changed a number of industries in a few short years and has transformed the employment prospects and methods of working of many people. Digital platforms are of course accelerating this growth of the sharing/gig economy and in further stimulating and diversifying it, has already disrupted the sectors of transportation, tourism and hospitality, professional services and finance. New sharing/gig economy entrants have fundamentally challenged the position of long-established traditional players, and this is expected to be only the beginning. Digitalisation, globalisation, climate change, green transition, demographic changes are changing the location and nature of jobs, as well as the composition and skills of the workplace. In many cases Brexit locally and Covid internationally will reinforce these trends, accelerating the need for a rapid policy response.

The GIG Economy project, financed by the EU, is working to understand these changes and what it means for the world of work. Project Manager, Joe English from Meath County Council, addressed the recent flagship cross border conference on trade and discussed the growing GIG economy. Over 300 decisions makers, including Government Ministers, political and business leaders from both sides of the Irish border came together to understand these growing threats and opportunities.

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