• Erna van der Werff

Results of GIG research '

The Gig project will develop and run a vocational training programme for youth and those affected most by the gig economy labour market. How to start? By asking stakeholders about their opinion on what Vocational students should learn to be better prepared for the Gig economy.

In our project we will support graduates and starters on the labour market and prepare themselves for tomorrow's labour market. It will be the carpenters, construction workers, graphical designers, ICT programmers, etc. that will need entrepreneurial skills and attitude to entre and survive in the gig economy. Young people faced by adversity, such as migrant background students, are also involved in the programme.

“I like the fact that the student will make a conscious choice whether or not to participate in this economy. Includes a certain kind of lifestyle that isn't ideal for everyone.” Serious Game maker / sole trader (NL)

All partners identified existing training materials and online and offline content that could be of interest to the development of the training programme. In addition, the partners actively involved their stakeholder network for this matter as well, resulting in some interesting statements.

Read the full research results here:

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